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Josh Phillips: Meet the Team
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Josh Phillips


Mr Joshua Phillips is a Consultant Urological Surgeon specialising in the medical and

surgical treatment of urinary tract stones.  He was appointed as a Consultant Urological

Surgeon at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital in 2011. He has extensive experience in

various surgical procedures for kidney stones, including mini-PCNL, ESWL, and

ureteroscopic holmium laser surgery, and he performs high numbers of all these

procedures in his NHS practice. He has a special interest in patients who are high risk or

recurrent stone formers, and establish the underlying reasons for this in order to try and

prevent further episodes of stone disease.

Joshua constantly strives to improve patient-centred healthcare, and participates actively

in a number of audits and projects.  He is a member of the British Association of

Urological Surgeons (BAUS) and the European Urology Association (EAU), and has

published and presented work in various urological journals and meetings respectively.

Joshua has a broad interest in the diagnosis and treatment of general urological

conditions including bladder and prostate problems, blood in the urine (haematuria),

urinary infections, and conditions affecting the male genitalia. He is the Urology lead for

Morbidity and Mortality in his department, and a Serious Incident investigator and panel

chair for the UHD Trust.

Surgical Training

Joshua studied at Sheffield University Medical School, graduating in 1998. He trained in

general surgery and urology in Sheffield and then the West Midlands, and was awarded

his FRS (Urol) in 2011 after which he was immediately appointed as a Consultant

Urological Surgeon in Dorset. He has an interest in research, and was awarded an MD

from Sheffield University for his research into prostate cancer in 2009. He also

completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Managing Health and Social Care through

DeMontford University in 2012.

Clinical Interests

Diagnosis of kidney stone disease, including metabolic evaluation of recurrent

stone formers

Diagnosis and surgery of penile and scrotal problems including hydrocoele,

epididymal cysts, foreskin problems and testicular cancer

Investigation and management of enlarged prostate, including bipolar TURP

Investigation of haematuria, and telescopic resection of bladder tumours

Minimally invasive surgery for ureteric and renal stones including shockwave

lithotripsy, ureterescopy and laser, and percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL)

Professional Memberships

British Association of Urological Surgeons

European Association of Urology

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